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Evergreen Olive trees that you can add to your garden

Evergreen Olive tree's perfect for any exterior landscaping. Choose from large 100 year old trees or smaller bonsai trees. Available all year round.

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Beautiful bold Olive trees

Olive trees, most commonly associated with the Mediterranean including countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey, come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common variety has a distinctive appearance with a rough trunk and small, oblong-shaped leaves. They can reach heights of 20-40 feet and have a broad rounded canopy. Other Olive designs include Olive Bonsai trees, with long branches and minimal foliage at the end of the branches.

Olive trees are well adapted to dry and hot climates, and they prefer well drained soil. They are often cultivated in groves and orchards and produce delicious oval fruits that are green when unripe and black when ripe. Propagation can be done through seeds, although grafting and cutting methods are more commonly used to maintain specific varieties and traits.

Olive oil is a most favoured oil used for salads, cooking and Mediterranean food. Extracted from the olives from the tree this oil is known for its health benefits being rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

Olive trees have a rich history in the Mediterranean. This is partly due to their long life span, some trees living for over 200 years. They are considered symbols of peace, wisdom and abundance. The olive branch has long been associated with peace, and olive wreaths were used to crown victors in ancient Greek and Roman competitions.
Plaza Hollandi are lucky to have many varieties of Olive trees available at our Garden Centre and Plant Nursery. From small Olive trees to large Olive Bonsai trees. Our staff travel to Spain and many other countries to hand select these special trees.

How to grow and care for your Olive trees

How to look after your Olive trees

Olive trees are hardy and drought-tolerant, making them suitable for arid regions. Olive trees also grow well in Qatar, but due to the extreme heat they may not produce fruit. They have extensive root systems that help prevent soil erosion and stabilise hillsides. Which is why you will often see Olive trees growing on the side of a hill in Europe. Olive groves also provide beautiful natural habitats for various wildlife species and contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Proper pruning is crucial for Olive tree health and productivity. Pruning helps shape the tree, improve air circulation, and facilitate harvesting.

Watering your Monstera Plant

An Olive tree has a small shallow root system, if these are over watered for too long then eventually the Olive trees roots will rot. Well established Olive trees in Qatar will need watering once a day to once every two days, especially in Qatar’s summer. If you keep your Olive tree in a pot they make sure to water it when the top 2 inches are dry. After a planted Olive tree is established you can water it much less frequently.

Caring for your Olive tree

Regularly remove any yellow or damaged leaves to keep the plant healthy and attractive. Maintaining good, light, watering practice and fertilisation will ensure your Olive will produce many more beautiful leaves and bring joy to the surroundings.

Fertilise your Olive tree once in the spring and once in the summer months, during the growing season. Organic and chemical fertilisers are both suitable for Olive trees. A premium slow release fertiliser is best.

Dutch excellence

Plaza Hollandi is proud of its reputation as Doha’s finest plant supplier – with our exclusive range of outdoor plants imported from all over the world we have the right plants for every space and occasion. Need your outdoor plants delivered? No problem, just place your order online before 5 pm and we will deliver your outdoor plants the same day.

Our professional Dutch trained staff make sure that every indoor and outdoor plant order is arranged to the highest standards. We take pride in ensuring a luxury service at every stage so you can be confident when you order any of our exceptional plants, either online, at our Garden Centre or Plant Nursery that we handle them with the utmost care. Our plants are grown in the highest grade soil and attended to by trained plant professionals so you can be sure your plants will be of the highest quality.

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