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Plants for Every Occasion, Customised Orders to Suit Your Needs

Bring you home, office, garden & balcony to life by adding monstera, aloe vera, orchids, palms,  bougainvillea, snake plants, succulents and much more!

Everything is Possible with Our Customised Orders

Choose from a display of orchids arranged in a large gold pot or a selection of succulents planted for your home.  Whatever your plant needs our specialist staff will arrange it for you and deliver your unique customised order.  

tall palms in a greenhouse
cactus in large brown pots
office plants arranged in an office
tall palms around bridal ceremony white chairs
huge monstera plants in wicker baskets

Photos by Ki Plant Concept the Netherlands.

How it works


Step 1

Contact us by phone on: (+974) 5521 8619 to discuss your preferred design you have in mind. If you have a photo please send it to us.

online payment

Step 2

Once your order is finalised with our garden centre and you have decided when you want it delivered, kindly complete the payment online by selecting the correct 'notes' below.


Step 3

Your order will be delivered on your chosen day and time.

What to do next

Once we have finalised your preferred design simply select the total amount using the ‘notes’ below.  Add to your basket to make the total for your order and follow the simple instructions to complete the payment.  Your unique customised order will be delivered on the day and time you have chosen. 

Why Choose Our Customised Orders?

house plants

Discover our extensive range of luxury plants


The plants you want, when you want them


Expert advice on the right plants for your home, office, garden or balcony


We offer indoor maintenance services by our professional team to take plant care out of your hands

Bringing the Outside In

At Plaza Hollandi we have a wide range of stunning plants that you can bring into your home or garden. Plants can bring any living space, office or balcony to life. Introducing plants into your home, office or event will elevate any occasion with our wide selection, we have the right plants for you.

We believe that every room needs a plant. Whether it’s a delicate orchid for the coffee table or a monstera in the hall – your home is instantly elevated when you bring a little piece of mother nature into your space. 

Stylish Plants to Suit Any Space

We have an extensive range of plants at Plaza Hollandi with our superb monstera to our fantastic strelitzia and small decorative succulents, whatever you’re looking for we can help. Plants can make any space feel alive adding colour and natural texture to your environment.  Once you have added one to your home or office you won’t be able to stop yourself from adding more. 

If you’re not sure what plants you are looking for or how to keep our plants alive, don’t worry. We are here to help and give you all the advice you need to keep your plants looking fresh and healthy. We also offer indoor maintenance services by our expert team to take plant care out of your hands. 

Your Choice in Your Order

Need plants for an event? Or just a one-off room redesign. No problem, at Plaza Hollandi we source the healthiest plants to order. No order is too big or too small.

Our expert gardeners and designers know how best to care for your plants and take the utmost care when preparing your order. With our specially trained delivery drivers there is never an issue bringing your order straight to your door.


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