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Romantic style flowers, plants & gifts to show how you feel

Romance is in the air! Choose our romantic style flowers, plants & luxurious gifts to show how you feel. Order online today for quick delivery.

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Romantic Style flowers for every occasion - the perfect way to express your love


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Romantic flowers for every occasion

Flowers have long been a symbol of love and romance, making them the perfect gift for any romantic occasion. From anniversaries to Valentine’s Day, flowers can express your deepest feelings and make your loved one feel special. There is nothing that shows your love more than a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers. Surprise your loved ones with our luxurious range of fresh red roses, delivered straight to their door.

Make it an anniversary to remember with a stunning bouquet of highly scented lilies, or choose from our wide range of incredible orchids bursting with colour.

What are romantic flowers?

Roses are a classic choice for any romantic occasion. The deep red colour symbolises love and passion, making them the perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or any other special romantic occasion. But roses come in many other colours as well, each with its own unique meaning. Yellow roses symbolise friendship, while pink roses represent admiration and gratitude. No matter the colour, roses are always a beautiful and thoughtful choice.

Tulips are another popular choice for romantic occasions. With their delicate petals and bright colours, they symbolise perfect love and devotion. Red tulips are especially romantic, but pink and purple tulips are also a great choice. If you’re looking for a more unique option, consider giving your loved one a bouquet of parrot tulips, which have frilled petals and a range of vibrant colours.

Peonies are a stunning and romantic flower that symbolise a happy marriage and good fortune. They come in shades of pink, red and white, and their full, lush petals make them a beautiful addition to any bouquet. Peonies are a perfect flower to choose for weddings, anniversaries, or any other romantic occasion.

No matter what romantic occasion you are celebrating, flowers are a timeless and romantic gift that are sure to make your loved one feel special. Whether you choose classic roses or a more exotic option like a beautiful box of chocolates or spa voucher for the Mandarin Oriental Plaza Hollandi has something to suit every occasion.

The true meaning of romantic flowers

True romance is spontaneous and can be beautifully expressed with flowers. There doesn’t always have to be a reason to send someone you care about a bouquet of romantic flowers. Sometimes the best romantic gestures are the ones that are spontaneous.

Romantic flowers are often associated with expressing love, affection, and deep emotions. Different types of flowers can convey different meanings, but some of the most common romantic flowers include roses, lilies, orchids, tulips and daisies.

The true meaning of romantic flowers can vary depending on the cultural and personal context. For example, red roses are traditionally associated with passionate love, while pink roses may symbolise admiration or gratitude. Similarly, lily are often associated with purity and devotion, while orchids can represent beauty and strength. Overall, the true meaning of romantic style flowers is to convey emotions and sentiments that may be difficult to express through words alone.

So whether you want to give your loved one a midweek surprise or show someone your feelings, at Plaza Hollandi we can help. Indulge that special someone with a sumptuous set of roses or a mixed bouquet from our romantic collection that will take their breath away.

Dutch excellence

We take pride in our commitment to creating the very finest floral designs no matter the occasion. Our expertly trained Dutch florists hand pick flowers especially for your designs.

Our florists take great care in preparing and arranging your flowers so that when they arrive to you they are ready to be displayed and enjoyed. Order before 5 pm to receive your flowers the same day and we guarantee them to arrive safely.

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