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European Style Flowers at Their Finest, Discover What the World Has to Offer

Bring the latest trends into your home or office with Plaza Hollandi's European Style flowers. Up to date beautiful designs using flowers and foliage arranged in a natural way.

Our European Style Flowers

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European style flowers for every occasion


With 25 years of Dutch experience in Qatar we understand the needs of our customers


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Up to date designs following the latest trends in Europe

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Our specialist European Style handmade designs arranged by your favourite florists


Here at Plaza Hollandi we love all flowers and designs. We enjoy keeping up to date with the current floral trends around the globe. Our collection of European Style flowers make any space come to life bringing the latest designs into your home, office or event.

Our collection of flowers beautifully complements our European Style designs: hydrangeas, peony, pampas grass, lavender, orchids, sunflowers, tulips, dried flowers and often including plants such as succulents.


Bring Memories into Your Home

Explore the finest arrangements that Europe has to offer with Plaza Hollandi’s collection of European Style designs featuring beautiful flowers and foliage arranged in a natural way. Each flower has its place in the arrangement to show its own unique beauty.

Enjoy European extravagance in your home and evoke memories of European adventures.

European Gifts

Our European Style flowers designs make a fantastic gift, you can be sure to surprise someone with our European floral arrangements. Our Dutch trained florists are up to date with the latest trends making the flowers you choose a true reflection of the current fashion.

European Style flowers are perfect for any occasion from birthdays to welcome home flowers. Give the gift of flowers with our European Style natural designs. Order before 5 pm to ensure same day delivery.

Dutch Excellence

We take pride in our commitment to creating the very finest floral collections for our customers, no matter the occasion. Our expertly trained florists select the most beautiful flowers for our collections and take great care in preparing and arranging your flowers.

Order before 5 pm to receive your flowers the same day.


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