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Fresh Cut Flowers for You to Arrange at Home

Release your inner florist with our stunning range of fresh cut flowers. Choose from peonies, roses, tulips, delphiniums, dried flowers all delivered straight to your door.

Discover Our Cut Flowers


Fresh Cut Flowers conditioned perfectly by your favourite florists


Choose the Cut Flowers you want from our customers favourites


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Fresh Cut Flowers for you to arrange in the comfort of your home

Cut Flowers For Your Home

Discover Plaza Hollandi’s range of cut flowers chosen by our expert florists with our customers in mind. Choose between sumptuous peonies, orchids, frilly hydrangea, bold sunflowers or timeless tulips.  Whatever flowers you need to decorate your home  making any home or event feel special and elegant.

Enjoy the process of arranging your flowers in your home.  Order before 5 pm for same day delivery to your door.

Light pink peonies cut flower

Our Cut Flower Favourites With Our Customers in Mind

With our valued customers in mind we have selected your favourite flowers and now made it even easier for you to buy cut flowers online.  With a mixture of dried flowers, fresh flowers and foliage we are sure you will find exactly what you need when choosing from our seasonal fresh cut flowers.

Dutch Excellence

We take pride in our commitment to ensuring the very finest fresh flowers for our customers.  Our expertly trained florists select the most beautiful flowers ensuring they are conditioned to the highest quality so when they arrive at your door all you need to do is cut the stems at an angle and place them in a glass fresh vase of water. 

Order before 5 pm to receive your flowers the same day and we guarantee they will arrive safely. 


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