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Celebrate Father’s day

Make Father's Day Special

Father’s Day is a day to honor fathers, father figures and celebrate the influence they have in our lives. Celebrated on the third Sunday in June, Father’s Day is a day to thank our fathers and father figures for embracing the responsibility of nurturing a child and their devotion to the family.  

Have a look at our Father’s Day Collection and give your Dad something different this Father’s Day.  

Fragance for Father's Day

anthurium with perfume for fathers day
Long lasting fragrances for Father's Day

Choosing how to show your Dad your appreciation on Father’s Day can be a tricky.  At Plaza Hollandi we have so many options to choose from to make sure that your father knows exactly how special they are.  

Plaza Hollandi have developed two long lasting fragrances especially suited to men. Made with the finest ingredients our Passionate Purple and Beaming Blue fragrances are an ideal gift for Father’s Day. 

Our Passionate Purple scent is a woody fragrance, consisting of the deep tones of Earth moss and the earthy aromas of Ambergris. Bonded together by the powdery scent of musk and a touch of sweet Jasmine.

Beaming Blue is a sultry fragrance consisting of amber, combined with the aroma of agarwood oud, bonded together by the subtle scent of vanilla and rose. 

These long lasting fragrances can be given to your Dad on their own or as part of a gift arrangement, surrounding them with flowers and/or plants.  

Plants for Father's Day

succulents in a pot
Succulent Selection For Father's Day

Giving indoor plants for Father’s day is something a little different. Can you think of a better gift to brighten the living room, office or bedroom with that ‘back to nature’ feeling than a beautiful air purifying houseplant. Whether your Dad is new to houseplants or a certified #plantdad you can be sure he will be really happy with your plant choice. 

Flowers for your Dad

White peony, blue roses, purple statice, white eustoma with blue pampas grass
Father's Day Bouquet of Flowers with Blue Roses and Peonies

A bouquet of flowers isn’t only for the ladies in your life.  At Plaza Hollandi we have designed a beautiful collection of floral designs that perfectly work for the men in our lives.  With pops of blues, yellows and long lasting Rose Amor roses, these floral designs will be a beautiful gift for your Dad this Father’s Day.    

Make your Father's Day Different

fathers day gift arrangement

If you really want to spoil your Dad this Father’s Day, combine your gifts with plants and flowers to make a customised order, totally unique for your Dad.  

The designers at Plaza Hollandi absolutely love to make these designs as they are able to use their skills and imagination to make sure that your Father’s Day gift is perfect for your Dad.

Living in Qatar our Father’s Day lands on the first day of the week, Sunday.  It is the perfect opportunity to surprise your Dad at his work with your Father’s Day gift.  Order your gifts online and we can deliver directly to his office.  We are sure that  it will make his Father’s Day.

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